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DanceLand is the latest musical venture with Book, Music & Lyrics by Tyler Tafolla. It is a dance-centered sci-fi fantasy about a dream world overpowered by a villainous tyrant and a chosen one who must save her land of make believe before it's too late. 

A San Diego premier production of the show will be performed later this year. More details to come!  

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CHARACTER BREAKDOWN (In Order of Appearance):


THE DRIFTERS (3)- Vagabonds who wander the streets and guide the audience through the world of Danceland using non-verbal, physical comedy. Comedic relief characters who warm up the audience before the show.


THE RESIDENTS OF DANCELAND- A tired and weary troupe who dream of the days of old when they could sing and dance freely through the streets of Danceland, without being under the rule of the Fleet.


FATHER- A restless & soulful traveler and newcomer to Danceland who marches to the beat of his own drum. A wide-eyes innocent wanting to make a name for himself.


THE FLEET- A music & dance-hating army of robot-like creatures. The Fleet rules over Danceland with an iron fist, demanding respect and fear from their people. Lacking any emotion and takes what they need by force.


JERICO- The Supreme Leader of the Fleet and the primary antagonist to the people of Danceland. Large, menacing and powerful. Set on conquering Danceland, ruling with fear and oppression. A titan among humans.


THE SIRENS (2)- Jerico’s devilish minions. Two vicious, demon-like spies. Efficient in their undertakings and often tempters to the weaker members of Danceland. 


JUBILEE- The owner of a secret underground dance club. A keeper of the old guard of Danceland. Despite their losses, they continue to bring joy to those around them. A flamboyant, eccentric ball of fire. Ringmaster and creator of parties.


MOTHER- A longtime resident of Danceland who has seen better days, but makes the most of things. A symbol of strength and beauty. A brave and generous woman. Confident, seductive & passionate. A guardian of love. Lives everyday like it’s her last.


THE CHOSEN ONE- The angry young daughter of Mother & Father. Abandoned by the world and is just trying to survive and runaway from her past. Angry at the world, her parents and the plight she was left with.


TEDDY- The ever-charming revolutionary. A rhythm-pusher who puts together a new rebellion to take on the Fleet. Electric and explosive.

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