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Writer | Performer | Director

 “SEASONS” is a new musical song-cycle written by Tafolla. Original songs were workshopped at Rockwell Table and Stage in

July 2019 and a concept album was recorded and premiered October 2020. The album is now streaming on all music

platforms courtesy of Broadway Records & New York Theatre Barn Records.

The show had a premier kickoff concert at Feinstein's/54 Below in January of 2022 as well and at the Hollywood Majestic in Los Angeles in August of 2022. It has also performed in San Diego at Oceanside Theatre Company in December of 2023. 


The concept album includes 18 new songs and Tafolla describes the plot as such: "Over the span of six years, six friends will go through the milestone moments of their lives, as they find out why seasons must change."


“We are living in unprecedented times for the theatre community,” Tafolla goes on to say. “Across the board we have all been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic in different ways. I knew I had a chance to do some real good and help provide the theatre community an escape from today’s reality while also raising money to combat social issues I’m personally passionate about. There’s something extremely fulfilling about knowing that art can contribute to some form of positive change in the world- that’s what drives me.”

Instagram/ Tik Tok: @seasonsmusical

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